Energy Star

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Our Hamilton Custom homes offer an array of beautiful options, but we also construct each house with built-in benefits that save money, increase property value and decrease environmental impact. We design and build your home so you enjoy lower energy bills and comfortable interiors year round.

Building Energy Star Homes

In order to qualify for Energy Star certification, a new home must meet established standards first developed in 1992. As those benchmarks evolve, our building capabilities continue to stay ahead of the curve. Our superior construction practices ensure that every Hamilton Custom home incorporates modern energy-saving design with the highest quality materials. At your option and upon payment of the requisite fee, the home can be enrolled and may be issued its Energy Star Label designating total compliance with all standards. *

Your Homeowner Benefits

Gas and electricity costs will never come down, but your home buffers you from rising expenses regardless of season. Annual savings average between 20 and 30 percent adding up to thousands of dollars in just a few years. Your home's energy efficiency is the result of specialized construction that minimizes critical thermal exchange. You enjoy the comfort of consistent interior temperatures maintained by high-performance HVAC equipment that also reduces indoor allergens. Our thermal enclosure techniques defend foundation, roof and walls from water damage and ensure extended infrastructure life. And, because we're committed to constructing the finest custom homes, we consistently exceed all building codes that are so important to long-term ownership. You can depend on us to stay in front of today's standards with innovations that allow you to enjoy the value and comfort of your dream home for years to come.
*Energy Star certified homes have certain criteria that must be adhered to, such as maximum window areas etc., which sometimes with custom designs could effect certification.*